Client Testimonials

When I realized as a Parkinson's patient I was going to need some expert advice on how to improve my speech, both pronunciation and volume, I began to look around on Staten Island for a good program. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be much interest in speech therapy. I'm sure there must be some people who are doing this, but I could find one. Then at a DBS support group, I heard of In House Therapy. Since I couldn't always get a ride when I needed one, this was more even helpful.

It has worked out even better than I hoped for. The therapist assigned to work with me, Michael Neisi, sat down with me and laid out what was happening to cause this problem and what we would need to do to better the situation. He made it clear that speech therapy, like physical therapy, needs to be done on a regular basis and worked on me with a set of excerises.

I would like to thank Mr. Neisi and everyone at In House Therapy for their help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anybody.

Elizabeth Kuhn - Staten Island, NY


I had physical therapy at my home 2 times a week. The theapist was extremly thorough with me. she would com on-time. She was very helpful to me asking questions & very gentle. She was very very clean, she always washed her hands before & after treatment. She made me feel very safe & comfortable. I would very much refer her to any other person in need of PT in their home.

Mary Carey - Staten Island, NY


Rehabilitation is the most important. My husband had all three therapies after his stroke and since then has had them all along(12 years). Even though he has reached his goal, maintenance is very important. Keeping his strenght and flexability is very necessary for his being active and well being.

Annette Venditti - Staten Island


The use of Home Physical Therapy was one of the most pleasant experiences I encountered. My therapist was always on time, explained each excercise and the need for different type of excercises necessary for my problem.(my problem was knee pain) The best was I didn't have to drive to the therapist, find a place to park, wait in a sitting room and then upon completion get back to my car & drive home.

I strongly recommend this system and if you try it you will be very pleased with it.

Gertrude Carrozza - Staten Island


How can success be measured? Since my husband has Parkinson's Disease, his succuess cannot be gauged by a major improvement in his speaking ability but, rather, by his maintaining his speech capabilities. This he was able to do when assessed by his speech therapist, Mike Niese. Mike is trained in the LSVT speech method, used in the treatment of Parkinson's patients. This expertise, together with his unique personality--a combination of wit and genuine concern for his client--made it a special day when Mike came to our house for my husband's sessions. Mike was able to engage my husband in discussion, not easily accomplished with other people.

Unfortunately, Medicare restrictions have put a halt to Mike's much anticipated sessions. Hopefully, the sessions will be resumed in the near future before Parkinson's advancement makes it even more difficult for my husband to communicate.

Emily Gasparo - Staten Island


I was apprehensive having a stranger come into my home, especially that I never had physical therapy before. My doctor sent me a young man named Tory Badalamenti. He was excellent. I would recommend him to anyone. He worked me hard but I felt so much better at that time. He was also a very kind and caring man. I feel like I made a new friend!

Madeline Valente - Staten Island


My mom has been in a nursing home for a year and a half now, with Dementia and cannot walk. This evaluation has arrived way too late for her to respond.  I am her daughter and POA, amd was pleased with all services she recieved while at home. 

Thank you for all your help and attention to my mom's needs back then.

Solveig Bentson, Karen Frank POA - Staten Island