About Us

Put simply, we bring the therapy clinic to you. It's nothing you are used to. One on one therapy in the comfort of your own home, with treatments continuing as long as is medically necessary! The first session is an initial evaluation of your current condition. It sets a baseline to compare progress to and establishes the mutually agreed upon course of treatment. As an added bonus we perform a safety check of any potential hazards throughout your home. Loose carpet or area rugs, extension cords, loose handrails, decaying steps. Simple things you are used to which may pose a silent danger. Everything is explained to you so that there are no surprises. Once we complete our initial evaluation, you will know what your treatment sessions will consist of.

How to get started

All you need to do is give us a call! If you have a prescription we can get you started ASAP. If you do not have a prescription we will contact your doctor and obtain a prescription for you. As long as your doctor is OK with you receiving physical therapy, rehabilitation can begin.

OK, How much?

It is all covered by Medicare Part B and other select insurances. There is nothing fancy. Medicare pays 80% and your secondary usually picks up the remaining 20%. Again, just like if you were going to a facility but without all the transport or weather headaches. If you are interested but are unsure of your insurance coverage, give us a call so we can find out for you.
There has to be a catch!
The only "catch" is you cannot have any other service on the same day you have therapy. No other rehab, no nurses for any reason, even to just take your blood pressure, or Medicare will not pay for your rehab. It is you responsibility to know who is coming and going in our home. Again, we can call and find out if you are receiving any other services for you.

Therapy Options

Our practice was started with Physical Therapy, helping seniors regain their lives again. From helping someone get out of a chair, or being able to walk to the kitchen to getting people out of their houses into the world again doing things they love, living again! Our Physical Therapists have the ability to help you gain your independence and confidence to live a fuller life with less dependence on your family, friends or aides. Therapy can consist of setting whatever goals you what to achieve and taking smaller specific steps to achieve your overall goal, whatever it may be.